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Our staff is passionate about helping you achieve healthy living using our all natural, evidence-based, anti-diet program.
Our doctor supervised weight loss program is completely safe and proven to get long-lasting results.

About Dr. Terry Crews

My healthcare journey started 30 years ago when my uncle, who was a chiropractor, encouraged me to go back to school and get my Doctorate degree in Chiropractic. I transitioned from my teaching career and became a Chiropractor. About eight years ago, we began to expand our focus to include nutritional-based programs.
During that process my daughter, who played basketball and graduated from the University of Georgia, stepped into the role of our Wellness Director. We began to see tremendous results from the new programs we had implemented. Not only were patients losing weight, but they were experiencing improvements with most of their health problems. Since that time, we have helped thousands of people with multiple health issues along with weight loss.
So, today we are striving to give health, wellness, and love to our community. I simply cannot express how wonderful it is to help my patients go from overweight and sick to fit, vibrant, and healthy!

Trusted & Experienced

We’ve helped 100’s of patients eliminate pain, lose weight, and improve their overall wellness–the healthy way–without the use of drugs or surgery.

Clinical excellence

We combine state-of-the-art diagnostics, nutritional guidance, all-natural detoxification, and body contouring to transform the lives of our patients.

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