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At The Solution Wellness, we are committed to working on overall health and not just weight. That’s why our programs address the root cause of weight struggles to help patients achieve the many health benefits that come with a normalized weight. We know there are a lot of weight loss gimmicks out there and it can be hard to tell which approach will work. That’s why we are offering new patients our introductory Weight Loss Package for only $89. That’s a $300 Value!


Contour Light – Achieve inch loss on the face, waist, hips, thighs, upper legs and even the arms. Contour Light is a pain-free method of body contour improvement and skin-tightening without any scarring.
Personalized Weight Loss Screening – This in-person consultation provides valuable information to ensure long-term success.
Relaxation Therapy – A quick and easy way to relax, reboot and revitalize by simply optimizing your brain’s peak potential—anytime, anywhere. Backed by neuroscience and research, this therapy is proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges.
Whole Body Vibration – Whole Body Vibration stimulates all the cells in the body to function at a higher rate, which in turn increases metabolism.

Sign Up For Our New Patient Special


Sign Up For Our New Patient Special!